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GSoC 2017 - Project Summary

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On May 5, 2017 I got selected as a GSoC 2017 participant under openSUSE . I contributed to the Open Source project Jangouts under the program during from May 29, 2017 to August 29, 2017. This post summarises my contributions to the project throughout this GSoC.

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What I've done?

Following is the list of my contributions before GSoC official coding period.

  • Solved a bug which was stopping Jangouts client from reading config values.
  • Added support for changing username during a conference.
  • Added support for PIN protected rooms.
  • Added cross-browser Fullscreen video support in Jangouts.

The title of my GSoC project is - Intergrate into Jangouts . Following is the list of my contributions during GSoC official coding period.

Part 1: Intergration of service into Jangouts.

  • Added documentation explaining the interaction between components in Jangouts
  • Added event emitters into Jangouts.
  • Added service support into Jangouts.

Part 2: Intergration of service into Janus-gateway.

  • Node based integration using callstats REST API
  • C based integration using callstats REST API.

Next Steps...

Here are some important points for what's left TODO.

  • Complete the C-based callstats event handler for Janus
    • Add threads support to send User Alive event to
    • Parse the SDP received from events to extract SSRC values
    • Correlate the data from received events and database and use callstats_send_stats for sending stats
    • Add origin_id support for the project (see callstats REST API)
    • Compile the event handler library with Janus-gateway
    • Issues
    • You can refer Node Prototype for info. We're simply doing the same thing in C.

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